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08-18-2005, 09:14 AM
ok. alright. i've had enough of not having control of iframes scroll bars... er well, scrollbars in general.

now, i have my example as http://www.restandeffect.com/smiley-films
go to any of the sections that have scrolling. The bottom scroll bar. I wanna have the ability to rid the design of it.

can anybody suggest anything? and if you can, what are it's conflicts/compatability issues if any w/ mac osx or firefox.


08-18-2005, 10:27 AM
the problem here is simply that the side scrollbar makes the iframe 16px narrower.
either widen the iframe by 16px, or make your subpages 16px narrower, the choice,
and means of implementation is up to you! :D

08-18-2005, 10:57 AM
Set the scrolling on the iframe to "auto". Then it becomes a matter of ensuring that your content is no wider than the iframe. Figure on 16 pixels for the vertical scrollbar's width in IE and most Mozilla based browsers. Add another 4 pixels if using a frameborder="1". Also setting marginWidth="0" in the iframe tag can help, otherwise margins will need to be taken into account too. For example, in IE6 showing a 590x1000 pixel image through an iframe, I used:

<iframe src="../layout.png" width="606" height="777" scrolling="auto" frameborder="0" marginWidth="0"></iframe>It had a vertical but no horizontal scrollbar. Showing images in Mozilla presents an additional problem, they often need to be on a page so as not to be resized by the browser but, since you are dealing with pages, that should not be a problem. Once I overrode the resizing in Mozilla, the results were comparable to IE. There is an easier IE only way of dealing with this but, you wanted cross browser, I take it.