View Full Version : Drop-In Box Complications with SSI and the <Head> Tag

10-20-2004, 06:16 AM
I have some complex questions regarding the drop-in box code found here:


Now, what I am looking for has to jibe with the current featres of my website because I am not a good programmer, and cannot pay anyone to do this work for me.

Here is my dilemma:

I was using the code in this section to produce a drop down box for my site. However, becauase of the code's restrictions, it asks that you put any html, or content at the very end of your body tag because it will then include that in the drop-in box as content.

The problem with my site is that I use SSI (server side include) on all my pages and have a universal header on all of them in the form of a cgi script (#exec cgi="htbin/showheader.cgi") that calls the header from the server on the fly. This makes updating the header on all my pages a breeze (with the exception of the 7 static pages that have different mouseover images that have to be done by hand).

The problem with this script is that if I include the header part of the code into my header.html page, the <body> part of the equation does not work.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish: I want the drop in box to come down once per session for a newsletter subscription. I will then include an offer, and sign up box in the drop-in box for users to submit their info, and then be transported to another page where they will see the confirmation (or another drop-in box can appear as another user suggested in another thread).

So I need a way to serve this content on all my pages, without actually going into each page and installing that code at the very bottom of each <BODY> tag. Is there a way I can either modify the script to serve certain code (in some inclusive way with the <div> tags?) and html without creating it after that body tag? Can it be contained all within the javascript? All in the header? That would allow me to keep all the code in the <HEAD> tag for the drop-in box.

If not, is there another way of doing this without pop-up windows as they are blocked by many browsers now and software? I like the drop down box because it comes out of nowhere, and makes an impact, but I am open to any suggestions.

Thanks for your help,
Chris Fernandez