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10-19-2004, 09:59 PM
Re: your Sticky Note script

3 questions:

When using I.E. 6.0.x (XP w/ service pack 2) on my laptop I get an error that says object required on line 121.

That line reads: var objwidth=objref.offsetWidth

Just in case my fiddling did something, I grabbed a fresh copy of the code that goes inside the head tags and only edited the following:

var autohidebox=["no", 5]
var displaymode="oncepersession"

But that's all.

You can see the script in action at

Note, it works fine in Netscape, and it works fine on my PCs (also XP/SP2/IE6.0.x) but for some reason this one browser just won't display it.

When the creative pops over forms (e.g. pull down menus) it doesn't display over them, it kind of breaks apart and displays around them. I haven't seen it personally, but I've had a few people complain about it and send me screenshots (I tried to find the screenshots but never could). Is there a work around for this?

I was never able to get the once per session thing to work - I had to put my own cookie code up there to display the sticky note script once per session. Is there something else that needs to be done to make this only go once per session? (And yes, I had my browser set to accept cookies in case you were wondering)

Any help would be much appreciated. With so many pop blockers, my sponsors were screaming to get something done.


10-20-2004, 01:17 PM
1. apart from the error dialog does the script continue to work or fail? If it continues to work, you could put an error suppression script in to just hide the error.

2. we would need screenshots unfortunately.