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04-01-2009, 02:56 PM

I found a multi level accordion yesterday, I set it up and it was pretty simple and fast, it worked fine. I styled it to how I wanted it to look. Then I went to add the rest of the multi levels to the 3 other main sections in the accordion and they do not work. they are just in the open state. the main accordion works but only on the top section the multi level works. I believe wrote that correctly...

I was trying to mess around with it but i just cant get anything to work...
maybe its not coded to work past the first main section?

I hope this makes sense. Just thought id ask to see if anyone could help otherwise I was just going to have to start over and try and get the DD accordion to work.

the accordion codes from here

my site is here


my .js files


my .css file


thanks for the help
I hope there is enough info in there explaining!

Thanks a lot