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03-07-2009, 11:08 AM
Help, please!
Tell me why this script do is not work with russian language!!!
Or it works only for english?

Link: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/ajaxpaginate/index.htm

03-07-2009, 07:50 PM
With an ordinary page you can use a meta tag to set the content type encoding for the page, thus setting the characters that may be rendered. Most servers and browsers will respect this. But when you fetch a page via AJAX, generally the default encoding for the server will be used. If you don't know how to change this for your server, you generally may use Unicode entities on the imported page, or ask the advice of your host.

03-14-2009, 08:04 AM
Do is not work! I work with APACHI, I can not ask my host about it! And pages without script works good with russian language! When I use this script pages works bad with russian language!!!

Maybe it need add some code?