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03-03-2009, 06:01 PM
first off, i'm not a programmer. i'm a musician, just trying to figure this out. so, supernewb question.

why does this script run only once? then i have to refresh the page to make it run again?

i'm trying to create a little popup with a sample clip. it works but only runs once.

i don't know how bad this code is. i read tutorials, and then messed around till it worked.

so how do i get it to keep running with each new song variable?
thanks a billion


<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

function newwindow(y,x)
var x="id"

return false;



<A HREF="javascript:newwindow('http://jon-ji.com/media/mp3/Mission.mp3','width=300,height=200,resizable=yes')" name="mission" id="mission"=>Click Here!</A>

<a href="javascript:newwindow('http://jon-ji.com/media/mp3/laces.mp3')" name="laces" id="laces"=>click here too</a>



03-04-2009, 01:30 AM
luckily, i have a friend in seattle who is a programmer.
he solved it in a few minutes.

i'll ask him if i can post it here.

where was the love people?