View Full Version : Layout Problem - Layers

08-06-2005, 06:52 PM
Okay, I am attempting to make my first-ever layout, (all by myself!! I'm so proud.) but, seeing as this is my first real attempt, I've run into some problems. My latest seems pretty simple, yet I can't seem to find a solution...

The page in progress is here (http://www.wiseowlcreations.biz/).

Currently I have made divs as a css layout for my content, and have a fixed background.

The problem: I would like it if my content didn't go over the top part of the background; the moon and the brushes/text I plan to add. Now I don't know anything about images and stuff, but my first thought was to cut the image, and make the top part on another layer, so it's not part of the background anymore, and the layers I already have will scroll under it, and not over. But in the css layout I'm using, apparently all layers are on the same... what would I call it, plane?

I don't know if I'm at all on the right track with this, so I'd appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks. :D