View Full Version : Want to appear only when OnMouseOver on an image

08-06-2005, 04:25 PM
Hit there all,

I really LOVE Jim's DHTML Menu and I want it to appear when users of my webpage point their mouse over an image (or actually a flash button).
What I want is that the main menu is hidden (21st parameter=false) until an OnMouseOver on an image occurs.
I cannot figure it out, due to my lack of knowledge of JavaScript. :confused: :eek:
Probably I have to activate a function, but I cannot figure out which one/how.

I tried to use OnMouseOver="init()" but that way, the main menu does not disappear on a onMouseOut for obvious reasons and even the submenus do not disappear (for reasons not at all obvious for me)

I will contunue my study of JavaScript, but I really could need some help on this problem.