View Full Version : clinical form, if exam not done, autofill list with 0

02-16-2009, 04:37 PM

i have made a clinical survey for dental examinations.
the form starts with the question: reason why the patient is NOT examined. with radio button options the dentist may choose

patient not available | no co÷peration | illness | none

ONLY when "none" is choosed, the dentist should complete the whole form. In all the other cases (patient not available | no co÷peration | illness) the form cannot be completed...

problem is that the form needs the variables to filled, or submitting wont work. Ofcourse the dentist does not want to loose time by completing the form with zero's in all fields...

Is there a javascript way that complete the form if one of these reasons is choosen (patient not available | no co÷peration | illness)

Thx in advance


html attached
pdf webpage attached