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01-31-2009, 02:25 AM
1) CODE TITLE: [DHTML] FrogJQ Gallery - a port of FrogJS Gallery to jQuery

2) AUTHOR NAME/NOTES: Eric Puidokas (port by jscheuer1)

3) DESCRIPTION: The title about says it all. This is a port of the popular prototype.js FrogJS gallery to the jQuery script library. This will make it compatible with other jQuery scripts which even in no conflict mode can conflict with certain prototype.js add ons and scripts like Lightbox and Frog. It also dramatically cuts down on the amount of code needed to run this script even as a standalone, as jQuery is much lighter weight than the prototype/scriptaculous/effects combo required for the original version.

It was written with jQ 1.3 but should work with other less recent versions of jQ (now tested and passed with jQ 1.2.6), as no attribute selectors (deprecated @ symbol) are used in the code. The markup is identical to the original, making an upgrade/change to the jQ version virtually seamless.

4) URL TO CODE: Demo: