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07-31-2005, 11:20 PM
Its common i know people use rollover effects for buttons on their site i.e. rollover and it glows, or maybe bevel in and out.

Ok ive used this rollover script ofcourse on two sites, now the rollover effect is not effective. Basically uve got to wait like one second to a split second for it to change, and ofcourse 1 sec is very slow for a rollover to change, the image button is gif and very small size, and the host is fast too I have a fast connection too. When i try out other peoples rollovers it works instantly before you can even click the button but why is it i have a slow rollover on two differnt sites with two different sort of image buttons??

could it be the script im using? maybe the script is too long?

Help with a faster rollover script will be very much appreciated,

P.S: ive accessed the sites which ive applied the rollover effects to, from two different PC's and is still the same, having to wait like 1 sec for it to change,

Thanks in Advance!

07-31-2005, 11:59 PM
There are three very good habits to get into with rollovers:

1 ) Whenever possible use style changes for effects rather than image replacement. This can be applied to the opacity of an already displayed image, replacing an image with a button, changing position slightly, adding/subtracting/altering borders and a host of other tricks. Some of the best rollovers involve no images at all, even though they look like they do.

2 ) When images are involved, preload them.

3 ) Use as few images as possible by having text appear over a few stock background images rather than have each button have its own set of rollover images.