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01-14-2009, 07:51 PM
I found some code to allow me to open an html document inside a div tag, and it works great. www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/ajaxcontent.htm

I also have the java script for a scrolling image menu.

<applet code=ryPicStrip mayscript width=450 height=120 archive="PicStrip.jar">
<param name=Copyright value="PicStrip (c) 2001 Cool Focus [www.coolfocus.com]">
<param name=CabBase value="PicStrip.cab">

<param name=BgColor value="000000">
<param name=BorderColor value="999999">
<param name=BorderWidth value="2">
<param name=3DBorder value="no">
<param name=TooltipBorderColor value="606060">
<param name=TooltipFillColor value="CCCCCC">
<param name=TooltipTextColor value="000000">
<param name=TooltipFont value="Helvetica,bold,10">
<param name=TooltipsFloat value="yes">

<param name=Spacing value="10">
<param name=ScrollDelay value="20">
<param name=Accelerate value="yes">
<param name=StartScrollFrom value="right">
<param name=ScrollFromMouse value="yes">
<param name=ChangeDirection value="yes">
<param name=HotspotWidth value="40">
<param name=ClickDown value="yes">
<param name=GrayscaleImages value="no">
<param name=DefaultTarget value="_self">
<param name=UseHandCursor value="yes">
<param name=Name value="PicStrip">
<param name=Satellites value="no">

<param name=Image1 value="seattle.jpg">
<param name=Image2 value="oceanvw.jpg">
<param name=Image3 value="beach.jpg">

<param name=URL1 value="seattle.htm">
<param name=URL2 value="oceanvw.htm">
<param name=URL3 value="beach.htm">

<param name=Target1 value="_new">

<param name=Tooltip1 value="seattle.jpg|146 x 98">
<param name=Tooltip2 value="oceanvw.jpg|146 x 97">
<param name=Tooltip3 value="beach.jpg|146 x 97">


what my problem is, is i want to link the images in the menu to open in the div tag.

thanks for any help.

all i wanna do is have a transparent background.

i am very new to java script so please be detailed with your answers if it is possible.

thank you in advance for any help you can give...

...even if it's just to tell me that it can't be done.

here is the website i got the script from


01-16-2009, 02:14 AM
when you make your request, attach a value to the image that triggers alternative behavior via script.

ie -