View Full Version : how make the DHTML Window to delay 10seconds

12-23-2008, 10:05 PM
1) Script Title: DHTML WINDOW

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex8/dhtmlwindow/

3) Describe problem: Hi all, first of all I want to say that you guys are great! I love your script and your website! I learn alot with your website!

now back to the tread, as I said I love the script and I am using in my website on ttp://www.eczemacuretoday.com and looks very nice.

Althoug I would like to make couple chainges. Such as add a 10 seconds delay to the pop up window (dhtml window). So it will only open after 10 senconds.

And as well as the window follows the scrolling. What I mean is when you are scrolling the pop up window will always face you, even after 10 seconds. For exemple you are at the bottom of the page (after 10 seconds) and when the window pops up it will apper at the bottom of the were you are currently reading and will also follow you if you scrool up.
I think I made myself clear...

Can some1 pls. pls. pls. help me in how to implement the above requiements. :)

PS: Merry Christmass to all!!!!

thank you