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11-30-2008, 06:02 PM
1) Script Title: DOMroll image hover v3.0

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex15/domroll.htm

3) Describe problem:

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why this script seems to conflict with the IE7 library for IE6? It only conflicts in the png images which are used with the domroll script.

Here's a link to the library i'm using to fix IE6: http://dean.edwards.name/weblog/2008/01/ie7-2/

And here's a link to a test page: http://centercrosscustoms.com/site-test/contact.php

You'll notice that the png menu buttons won't work in IE6 with the IE pngfix in place... It doesn't only get rid of the :hover effect, it actually makes it so that each one isn't clickable as well... I'm clueless on this one.

11-30-2008, 06:19 PM
I tried it in IE6 and the hover works and they are clickable as well:
The background of the buttons, on the sides and of the eight7teen pic is white though.

11-30-2008, 06:22 PM
did you wait for it to finish loading? The pngfix doesn't activate and fix all the transparency until the page is fully loaded, and until that point all the links are clickable and the hover works but there is the white background you are seeing.

If you did wait until it finished loading, then that is strange. On my end in IE6, the pngfix script is apparently overriding the domroll script, whereas on your end it looks as though the domroll is overriding the pngfix script.

11-30-2008, 06:44 PM
Yup, here's one with the status bar:

Wouldn't it be easier to use pics with background instead of transparent ones?

11-30-2008, 07:41 PM
no, because the background of the div uses a pixel stretch pattern, and the pics with background would use that same pattern and they would not meet up perfectly and it would show the seams.