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11-21-2008, 10:45 AM
Dear guys, hi!

Please I need a help! I have stuck with applying a click into iFrame. :confused:

I have a page with navigation. so when i need to open a page from URL with a certain tabs opened and clicked. i just use document.location.hash property.

It works perfectly if I put the desired (that has to be clicked) content into div.
then when I type in address line


it clicks all off them correctly.


if the last part that contains submenu i cut and put into <iFrame> the whole
thing doesn't get initilized.

I'm sure it is working correctly with divs. but how to force the document.location.hash click it in a iFrame?? so 2 clicks on the same page (#members_menu1) and third one (submenu1) in to iFrame??

PLEASE HELP! SPEND 3 days already with that!!

here is .js for document.location:confused:.hash

$(document).ready( function () {

if (document.location.hash) {
var pnp = document.location.hash.split('_');


if (pnp[1]) {

if (pnp[2]) {

if ($.browser.mozilla) {
$('a').click(function() {


11-21-2008, 08:42 PM
anyone could help please??