View Full Version : detecting referrer from iframe then action

11-11-2008, 10:21 PM
I might have to provide an example to make this thing clear.. so here it goes.

so like say i own mysite.com and another guy owns mypartner.com and he also owns mypartner2.com

We do a traffic link exchange. If a user on his site clicks on my link the visitor will direct to my site then he will get +1 credit to my traffic credit on my site, so I would give him 1 unique traffic sent back.

Now the question here is........

pretend I am trading with his first site mypartner.com, and he makes a html file with iframes in it iframe.html

Now inside the iframe.html he will include a 100x100 image with a link to my site. Then he goes to his site #2 mypartner2.com and include this code in his site

<iframe url='mypartner.com/iframe.html' width='100' height='100'>

so basically if a user clicks on that image, he will direct to my website, but the referrer will comefrom mypartner.com

How can I detect this sort of traffic using javascript or are there anyways to detect it, without checking the daily referrer status?