View Full Version : Can i use images with the All Levels Navigation Menu

11-11-2008, 04:25 PM
1) Script Title: All Levels Navigation Menu

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/ddlevelsmenu/index.htm

3) Describe problem: I see that this menu works with customizable css. Can I use background images for default and rollover states in the main navbar?

11-12-2008, 03:20 AM
If you mean the use of CSS background images to style the menu bar's items, sure. Inside ddlevelsmenu-topbar.css, you'd change the 3 lines in red below:

/* ######### Matt Black Strip Main Menu Bar CSS ######### */

.mattblackmenu ul{
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
font: bold 12px Verdana;
list-style-type: none;
border-bottom: 1px solid gray;
background: #414141;
overflow: hidden;
width: 100%;

.mattblackmenu li{
display: inline;
margin: 0;

.mattblackmenu li a{
float: left;
display: block;
text-decoration: none;
margin: 0;
padding: 6px 8px; /*padding inside each tab*/
border-right: 1px solid white; /*right divider between tabs*/
color: white;
background: #414141 url(default.gif) top left repeat-x;

.mattblackmenu li a:visited{
color: white;

.mattblackmenu li a:hover{
background: black url(active.gif) top center repeat-x; /*background of tabs for hover state */

.mattblackmenu a.selected{
background: black url(active.gif) top center repeat-x; /*background of tab with "selected" class assigned to its LI */

11-12-2008, 04:27 PM
that's awesome!!! Thanks for your help...