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07-16-2005, 08:26 PM
suppose in 1 web1.html i have a textbox, i want to show the contents of the textbox from web1.html to web2.html,
how to do it,without using database or any server based technology.
using javascript,can we do it? is it possible?if yes,then how?...pls help.

07-17-2005, 09:22 AM
Javascript? Yes, but it's crude and ugly.
You have a 0% frame with a hidden input, then change the input's value from the first page in the 100% frame, then get the value back again in the next page.

07-17-2005, 10:36 AM
We've been all through that - from the archives:


Also try Googling:

"site:http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/archive/ var1= jscheuer1"

without the quotes.

07-17-2005, 03:06 PM
Still ugly, but not as ugly as mine :p
This isn't suitable for passwords and such, though, or values that really shouldn't be altered by the user.