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10-24-2008, 06:30 AM
here's a link to a awesome datepicker script..


one question, Is there a way to use aeron calendar without linking it to an input field, but just have it show constantly on the page?

10-25-2008, 10:01 PM
Yes, but only with some major tweaking. Its dependence on MooTools is a bad thing from a tweaking perspective, because the code is obscure to anyone who isn't intimately familiar with the API. (I use [] below to group phrases because my sentences were getting confusing.)

You'll need to
understand how [the name of the single property of the first argument to Calendar] becomes the id of the text input and remove the association,
attach [whatever action is currently attached to the button's onclick handler] to window.onload instead,
change the onclick handlers for the dates to [do whatever you're wanting] instead of filling the text inputs.

Or, if you're feeling especially adventurous, you could rewrite [the DOM modifications made by that script] as HTML.