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10-16-2008, 10:45 PM
1) CODE TITLE: Using the Select Box as a Genuine Menu

2) AUTHOR NAME: Arie Molendijk

3) DESCRIPTION: In certain cases, using a select box (with 'size=0') as a tool for navigating through a site may be a good idea, for instance, if we want the menu to appear outside of the control window over other windows and, at the same time, to stay within the visible part of the screen without having to do any scripting in order to achieve that.
My script(s) offer(s) two ways of using the Select Box Menu: in a single page environment, and in a frameset.
If we use a select box menu in a framed page of a frameset (for instance, in the top frame), then the options of that menu will appear on top of the other frames, meaning that we don't have to make special arrangements in order for the 'subitems' of the menu to show on top of the content's page.
But shouldn't we avoid framesets as much as possible? The answer is: no, not always, at least, if we use 'selfreferencing framesets'. (If you're trying the frameset version of the script, look at the url in the address bar when you change pages: the address bar indicates the correct url = the url corresponding to the url of the content's page you are viewing).

4) URL TO CODE: http://molendijk.110mb.com/NavigationWithSelect/page1.html

5) Inspired by: http://lab.artlung.com/dropdown

10-17-2008, 04:32 AM
That's quite an interesting new idea you got there. Nice work.

10-17-2008, 09:05 AM