View Full Version : script help: top.hidden.document is null or not an object

07-12-2005, 10:17 PM
I am creating a form for users to enter info.

in this form the user must select the year of the vehicle before the make will display. The make before the model, the model before the style and so on.

I have a script named query.js that can be viewed at this link:


The script refers to this form viewed at this link:


If you notice in the form where the make is selected it states you must first select a year. Upon selecting a year I get an error that states top.hidden.document is null or not an object.

I have the files to query, i.e. doquery_make.cfm, doquery_model.cfm and so on.

Can anyone tell me why this query will not work? When I select the year the make field does not populate and because it does not populate nor will the model or the style.

Please help!!!!!!!!!