View Full Version : Conveyor belt tweak?

07-12-2005, 06:25 PM
Script: Conveyor Belt Slideshow script

Hello all, I'm having an issue with a customer request for a 'scrolling background image'. I'm an image person and scripting tends to give me headaches. While searching for an answer I came accross your conveyor belt which is very close to what I need. I've looked at the other posts regarding this same script but none answer my queries so please bear with me...

So, what I have is 1 long image (not a whole series of them) which I need to have scrolling left *and* right within a confined space. I don't need it to stop at all on mouseover but I do need it to be in constant movement, reversing it's direction each time it gets to the image boundary (think of a security camera perpetually panning left and right).

In case it makes a difference, this site is being created in Dreamweaver MX and the image will have to be within a layer, not in the main body of the page, I think (this is where I start getting unsure of what I'm talking about). I've had no problem hiding the overflow or positioning the layer - the page will not scroll in any direction, just this one image.

If the code for the conveyor belt can be tweaked, I would be very grateful of some instructions. If there's already something like this out there, a link would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time