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10-14-2008, 07:19 PM
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Hi There,

How are you,

I have a order form ,that has a option to add text boxes dynamically.
So the user can add boxes as they like and enter their details in these text boxes.

there are some fixed text boxes are present on this form.I have no problem getting values/data from these text boxes.I set it up to send details from this form to my email address.

I'm wondering how can I get data from dynamically text boxes that are add by user.

Thank You

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10-15-2008, 02:43 AM
Are you referring on the same code from this thread?

If so, change your script from:

inp1.setAttribute("name","Product" + rownum);
inp2.setAttribute("name","Manufacture" + rownum);



...and so, on your PHP, you could loop through all the Products and Manufacturer:

echo $_POST['product'][0];
echo $_POST['product'][1];

...or a dynamic approach:

$product=sizeof($_POST['product']); // Returns the length of product field
// $manufacturer=sizeof($_POST['manufacture']); // Returns the length of manufacture field
echo $_POST['product'][$i]; // Shows contents of each product field

Hope that helps.

Let me know if you're still stumped, probably via PM, chat or email, or at any setting you are convenient.