View Full Version : Ideas for Dynamic Content scripts

07-12-2005, 04:02 PM
Would it be possible using say the Combo Box Viewer, for example, to use a multiple 2 part selection... From drop down menu 1 select the state and then drop down 2 would be the actual comboBoxViewer selection. I'd like to have maybe 10 or so selections for every state & and I think it would be way too many for one big drop down selection... Any other ideas, for a similar type navigation for dynamic inline page content?
I'm planning on using the backspace.com clickable USA map:
Clickable USA map showing points by latitude/longitude (http://backspace.com/mapapp/examples_us.html)
The points on the map will click to a URL, but no way to make these points do anything on the same page, don't want to create 500 some pages for each point on the map. I don't have access to the Flash movie itself to alter it, so I thought the combo box viewer might be a solution...
Ideas suggestions comments please... thanks!