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10-13-2008, 09:44 PM
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Image thumbnail viewer II

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I would like to have the enlarged(loaded) image link to a pop-up window of a specific size ... I used target="_blank" but it opens a tab when my/user's browser has those preferences (and can't set size). How can I override/do this...

Thanks in advance.

10-14-2008, 04:44 PM
You're in luck! I've been working on an update to that script. It's not an official DD update, not yet anyway. But it includes that functionality as well as a number of other popular recent feature requests, plus the code is now very AJAX friendly, and more modular:


It can be used just like the old (current official) version. And, if you want to have your larger image link open in a new window instead of a tab, you can use this sort of syntax for your rev attribute:

rev="loadarea::http://www.google.com/::_blank::top=100, left=200, width=600, height=550, addressbar, menubar, toolbar::1"

Let's break that down:


is, of course the id of the load area for that trigger.


is the link address for the larger image when it appears.


is the target attribute for the larger image's link.

top=100, left=200, width=600, height=550, addressbar, menubar, toolbar

is the list of specifications for the new window should your target require or at least be capable of launching one.


at the end is a boolean 1 or 0 - whether or not the new window should attempt to gain focus (not all browsers will allow this last part in all cases, but degrade well when they don't).

Now, this will take care of your problem, as a window.open command with a _blank target and specifications will almost always open in a new window.

Note: Opening a new window is always subject to a browser's pop up blocker and (if any) tab settings. But most will allow this type of new window to open a new browser instance when done in this way, as unlike simply targeting a link, it is seen as 'user initiated' and has specifications which require a new browser instance.

Note Two: Opening a new window is not always the best approach. A modal box, be it something like lightbox, or the more utilitarian ThickBox or any of the many other such scripts is often better looking, and cannot be blocked by pop up blockers or tab settings.

10-14-2008, 05:10 PM
Thanks... and as usual, never a letdown!!