View Full Version : Looking for script - or person to write it

10-13-2008, 10:41 AM
Viva lost wages!

Greetings all.
I have need of a simple script. I have looked at all the standard trees, folding, collapsing, accordion, sliders, what ever. None do what I want.

Picture a "chained select" combo box style menu but without the combo boxes.
Upon opening the page, visitor sees the "welcome" page. Or rather, division.
The main menu is in column 1 and contains several items. Item 1 is "home".
Item 2 causes "home" to hide and brings up column 2, which has other items on it. In turn, selecting the next item brings up colum 3. Finally, column 4 shows up when the last item is selected.

Something like a slider but with the next level remaining stationary.
If you've seen the "pagination" script on DD, that's close.

The only script should be in an external file. The only other thing is, all the basic content except for column 4, should be on the same page. That way if the user has JS turned off, he can still find something with fair ease.

If you know of a script like this, or want the job of writing it, let me know here.