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10-10-2008, 07:54 PM
1) Script Title: HV Menu

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I have an intranet site that I have set up. It is a frames site. I was able to get HV Menu working on the site but have one minor glitch (not the normal reload problem).

My site is set up with three frames.
Frame1 - Top row, 100%. This is a static header. I have the top level of HVMenu launching here. Name = NAV
Frame2 - Second row, left column, 193px wide. This is my navigation frame. I have a rather long menu loaded here. Name = MENU
Frame3 - Second row, right column. This is my main part of the page. Name = MAIN.

When I hover over a menu element in the HV Menu, the second level menu shows but is offset by the width of Frame2. It should show directly under element that I am hovering over.

I tried mucking with the settings in the config js but no luck.

I am not tied into this menu soi if anything else can be suggested, I will try that. Just an FYO - getting rid of the frames is not an option at this point in time since I am the only person handling the intranet and I do not have time to rewrite the whole thing.

Any help is appreciated.