View Full Version : questions beginning WML/WMLScript

10-07-2008, 04:11 AM
Please answer the following questions about beginning WML/WMLScript:

wml/xhtml: in a URL with parameters www.example.com;test;test2 , how/where the parameters are get used ? in XHTML BASIC and in normal XHTML ?

wml: var $value from <select> (and in generally variables) can be used in URLs to navigate to them ? How ?
this is correct: <go href="http://www.example.com/index.wml#'$value'" ?

I want to build my own library of wmlscript functions, how do it, and to call I must use:
mylib#myfunction(); ? can you give an example of a wmls file/function and how to call it ?

In XHTML MP/XHTML BASIC I setup the viewable area of my webpage or this can not be set ? eg 320x240 with a table ?

To Use Push tech (I live in Cyprus - EU) what organization in my country I must deal with ? I want for a cafe, send a message to wireless device when at a distance 5km from it ...