View Full Version : combo box target with (frame) IFrame

danumurthi mahendra
10-13-2004, 07:08 AM
Hi Everyone!

is it possible to have a combo box and have its content href to a targeted iframe(frame)

I want to display several member of my group using a combo box and shows up a brief bio on the same frame.

its maybe similar with what "tacbob" posted with buttons but this time its with a combo box. Iam a starter in JS so any help would be a great welcome...

here's a bit of the puzzle:

<iframe src="mywebsite.html" name="thisframe" width="300" height="300" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

<INPUT type=hidden value="search">
<OPTION value=name onclick="thisframe.href='name.html'">name</OPTION>
<OPTION value=addressonclick="thisframe.href='address.html'">address</OPTION>
<OPTION value=phoneonclick="thisframe.href='phone.html'">phone</OPTION>

Thank you in advance