View Full Version : Find In Page Script, help for extension wanted

07-09-2005, 09:08 AM

I wonder if this script can be extended to search only in parts of a webpage. I explain the final goal. I got a glossary which is put in a table: first column contains the keywords, second column a description, and third column an example.

First columns has style keyword, second and third column has style data.

Is it possible, using the style tags, to make the script search only in table cells with the style keyword ? Or if not working with styles, are other options/solutions available to make the search being restricted to a given part of the webpage. I was thinhking of putting keywords and descriptions/examples in separate frames and make the script search only in the keyword frame, but I doubt if I can make tablecells identical in size across frameborders and if I can make scroll both frames together (to keep the match between keyword and description/example of course)

Any help is welcome,