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07-08-2005, 11:41 PM
Hello everyone. I need some help. I only know enough about programming to be surprised when I can get something to work. I've been trying to find a script that will allow me to put a slideshow with back and next buttons on my home page. I would like to hyperlink from those images to other pages. I've found some scripts that are very nice. The problem for me is that when I click to a page and then back, the slide show starts at the beginning. If I knew how to hold the place I would be happy. (For now) I think that "onload=some cookie" might be beyond me, but I don't know. Maybe a separate window will work. What do you all think? Thanks

07-09-2005, 05:25 AM
To open links from the script in a new window, find the script you want to use. If it opens a page using the:

<a href="some.htm"><img src="some.jpg"></a>method, make it:

<a href="some.htm" target="_blank"><img src="some.jpg"></a>If it uses the:

location.href='some.htm'method,make it:

window.open('some.htm','galWin')Also, some scripts allow you to configure a variable as to where linked pages will open, if it has that, use that.

07-09-2005, 07:37 AM
This is the only reference to "href", which I think is the hyperlink, that I could find. var v1=arguments,v2=v1[0],v3=MM_findObj(v2),v4=v1[1],v5='',v6;if (!v3.LSS3.complete){v6="flvFLSS3('"+v2+"',"+v4+")";setTimeout(v6,50);return;}if (v3.LSS2[v4][1]!=""){v5+='<a href="'+v3.LSS2[v4][1]+'"';if (v3.LSS1!=""){v5+=' target="'+v3.LSS1+'"';}v5+='>';}v5+='<img src="'+v3.LSS3.src+'" border="0" alt="">';if (v3.LSS2[v4][1]!=""){v5+='</a>';}if (v3.LSS2[v4][2]!=""){v5+='<br>'+unescape(v3.LSS2[v4][2]);}if (document.layers){v3.document.open();v3.document.write(v5);v3.document.close();}else {v3.innerHTML=v5;}}
It's from: Marja Ribbers-de Vroed, FlevOOware (www.flevooware.nl/dreamweaver
It's her "Linked Slide Show" Dreamweaver extension.

Here is what part of the array looks like: ;flvFLSS1('Pix',3500,0,1,'','Images/PICT0002.jpg','','','Images/PICT0005.jpg','','','Images/PICT0009.jpg','','',
I did try some with "window.open('some.htm','galWin')" and started to get some results. I'll keep on it.

Thanks for your help. If you have any more thoughts I'll be looking.

07-09-2005, 10:15 AM
Well, that is a commercial script and looks more complicated than need be. Have a look at this one, much easier to configure I'd bet:


07-09-2005, 01:48 PM
Thanks John
I probably could add the new window feature to it. I had copied the "BookFlip" script by the same author and like it. I'm encouraged by your first suggestions, though. I think I can get that to work. I know the script is "too much", but it fits in to Dreamweaver so nicely. By the way, Dreamweaver is available for a 30 day free trial.