View Full Version : Swiss Army: Modify Crossfade duration?

09-24-2008, 04:16 AM
1) Script Title: Swiss Army Image Slideshow

2) Script URL (on DD):

3) Describe problem:

Is there a way to modify the duration of the crossfade between images (as opposed to modifying the delay between slides)?

I had previously been using a slideshow script (http://www.codelifter.com/main/javascript/slideshow2.html) from codelifter.com, in which it was possible to modify both the amount of time each image stayed up, and the amount of time each transition took (crossfade duration). Stretching out the crossfade seemed to make my slideshow more dramatic-looking.

While it looks like there isn't a user-friendly configuration option for this, can you point me where to tweak in the swissarmy.js file or otherwise?