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07-05-2005, 03:42 PM
Hello all!
My name is Sietske de Boer from the Netherlands, and i'm currently trying to set up a website, with the main purpose to show pictures and some personal stuff.

However, i've tried to use your image slide show with text description(i love it by the way!) and suddenly it stopped working., now i have tested the script several times, in those "online test script" programs, and there it works perfectly! even with the ones i have slightly adjusted..i didnt like the words ' picture.. ' ' description' very much, but still with those changes it seems to work fine in those online ' testers'..hmm, i dont really understand, Could you please have a look at at (hidden) page of mine and try if you could find the problem?
i would be very gratefull!!!!

Thanxs! Sietske de Boer

http://www.sizdot.com/twinniesbday.htm (view source code, but you all ofcourse know that ;-) by the way, i am not that good ith technical terms, so please dont explain to difficult! hihi.

Thanxs again.

07-05-2005, 07:11 PM
Well, it works fine in Internet Explorer (IE) but, not in Firefox. The reason for this is that you have changed the code, removing some of the language that makes it work in browsers other than IE. Best way to fix it would be to get a fresh copy of the script. You can still remove:

Number of Pictures:



If you like, but leave the rest alone.