View Full Version : DreamWeaver CS3 PHP-Help-Please?

09-03-2008, 06:12 PM
To All,

I am working on a project for a non-profit organization's web site that allows users to log into their profile and view money they have earned. http://www.bowlsInc. (http://www.bowls1.com).

Locally, my development environment is "wamp" (Windows-Apache-Mysql-PHP) with php errors turned on. Using Dreamweaver CS server connections, recordsets, and bindings, I have successfully connected to the mysql database which is a flat, single-table database.

The object of the log in form is to collect form-data and match the form-data (Username & Password) to the fields in the database, and display their single record on a page.

When I test the connection with all the parameters, on the page to be displayed, all of the data is displayed correctly, but when I test the page, only the html displays on the page, I have tried just about everything but I cannot get the data to appear. I know it's something little and stupid but I have spent the last three days looking for my mistake.

Additionally, I do not get any error messages returned from php. I have attempted to retrieve the $_SESSION['MM_Username'] variable that the log in page generates but I cannot echo the session variable on the page. Yet my browser (firefox) says that the session has been created. I am lost for ideas if some one could offer a suggestion. I would be grateful.


09-04-2008, 05:17 PM
You have not provided enough info for anyone to be able to help you. Seeing as we cannot see the page in question because we cannot log in, how about providing the code you are using to try to display the data? Is the login succeeding? Is the problem just that no data is showing? Are you using a form to display the data or just php/html? No offense, but you left out a few details. I'm sure someone here could help if they knew what you were talking about.