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09-01-2008, 10:44 AM
Original script can be found here http://www.nubecoder.com/sub/phpsilkmap/
my running test script all .txt can be found here http://sro110.freehostia.com/sromap/
this script is client to server post [client files offers phpsilkmap.exe [
server files includes [index.php,input.php,config.php,demo.php,readme.txt,map.jpg]
& /data folder
you see the script data sends the post info from phpsilkmap.exe to the server which the phpsilkmap.exe gets the offerset of chars and post them to the webserver using input.php as post. which looks like this
Well, the problem this some 1 else modified the script to look like this
with querry string or get method
or index.php?server=all&text=off or index.php?server=Pacific&text=on
index.php?server=Server name&text=on or off
it is the name of the server displayed with query string with text=on if the text is on it will display or write on word on the map ,if text =off it will display only the dot on the map.
this is the original of the source script
i want to modify it add above description to this script just like this
index.php?server=Server name&text=on or off
?server=all displays all server text=off displays red dot on map text=on displays chars name on map with dot
original code can be found here where i dl it from ^_^
Please help me modify

only index.php displays everything from all server with charname with dot every else by default but on original map it does nt data is transfered from Game client SIlkroad Online

i am a noob at php

09-02-2008, 02:59 PM
php scriptindex.php
i need help adding string to this script like index.php?server=all&text=on add also index.php?server=[Any name of the server listed]&text=off
ex:index.php?server=Pacific, also display normal when not used string index.php ,that is what i need help adding this string to this script. help .
since the script is too long i am adding the .txt link to the script


09-02-2008, 08:35 PM
this doesn't help at all, -.-