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08-29-2008, 10:17 PM
1) Script Title:
DHTML Modal Window v1.1

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3) Describe problem:
I initially started a thread in the other forum, but I have confirmed this to be a problem with default set of files that come with the dhtmlmodal window downloads. For example: demo-modal.htm. Click on "Signup for our newsletter". (If you're in IE6).

As can be seen here:

If I login to the remote server's desktop and use the IE6 there, this problem doesn't happen.

I tested in IE7 and FireFox 2 and 3. No problems.

I meticulously inserted debug alert()'s until I found the line of code that seems to be causing the trouble. It's in the dhtmlwindow.js file in the setopacity function.

This line:
if (targetobject.filters && targetobject.filters[0]){ //IE syntax

Again, it doesn't have a problem if I use IE6 from the local machine's desktop itself.

The page basically covers itself with the "veil" then stops with the error just before opening the modal window.

Thank you.

08-30-2008, 03:51 PM
I just wanted to follow up from my previous post. This is NOT a bug. My problem was that I had behaviors disabled in the IE6 browser settings.

Under Tools / Internet Options / Security tab / Internet Custom Level button / ActiveX controls and plug-ins / Binary and script behaviors.

I had a basic installation of IE6 and never manually set this to disabled. So it must install as disabled by default.