View Full Version : I need help about links in Menu!

07-02-2005, 07:31 AM
Can u help me please: I installed the menu and everything is working! But I want to add a link in the sub menu to another page to a specific text!
Ex: menus[1].addItem("http://www.domain.com", "", 22, "left", "Location", 0);
So "Location" is the title of the text, that exist in the other page, so to what shall I change the link that is in this part: ("http://www.mayfadoun.com",... ?? What I have to write in it?
Because I was using in html the following method:
<a href="#Location "></a>
<a name="Location"></a>
or if in another page:
<A HREF="main2.html#Location"></A>
But now, it is from a sub menu to another page! Pls can u help me with that?

07-02-2005, 08:43 AM
Actually, this method of yours should still work:
<A HREF="main2.html#Location"></A>with a little modification:
menus[1].addItem("http://www.domain.com/main2.html#Location", "", 22, "left", "Location", 0);Now, I'm not sure which menu you got this code from, if the parameters are in the right slots, or if the rest of the parameters are appropriate - your menu's documentation should tell you that though.