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08-21-2008, 12:03 PM
Hi Guys

I need some help, please :confused:

I'm using this script:


All I need to know is how to let the link open in a new window.

This is what part script looks like:

var branch4=palmtree.addItem("1,2,3") //A TREE BRANCH WITH NO URL FOR ITSELF
palmtree.addItem("4.5 Indicator - TA4", branch4, "msds/4.5indicatior.htm") //Add this item to branch3
palmtree.addItem("Sub Arc Machines", branch4, "prod_wm_d.htm") //Add this item to branch3

If anybody could tell me what tag to add into that so that it opens in a new window, (not a pop up window) I would be very greatfull. :D