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08-21-2008, 06:35 AM

How can I put in an apostrophe in this matter? Cos if i put in, the whole thing won't be functioning at all. Please advise on the one underline and bold below.

Thanks so much!!

// Customization Area
// If your wipe series includes images, put them in this array for preload, seperated by commas.
var wipe_imgs=new Array(
if (document.images) {
var theImgs=new Array();
for (var i=0;i<wipe_imgs.length;i++) {
theImgs[i]=new Image();

// Here's where you put the content for the wipes.
// Array elements are arranged in pairs:
// content to display, time allotted for wipe of that content.
// Suggestion: give longer, larger content more time.
// If all your text is to be formatted the same, you can use
// just the wipe class above (it is applied in the doWipes function)
// and put plain text here.
// Images and links are okay too.
var wipe_array=new Array(
'<span class="wipe1">F R U I T F U L&nbsp;&nbsp;I N&nbsp;&nbsp;M I S S I O N S&nbsp;&nbsp;,&nbsp;&nbsp;E V A N G E L I S M&nbsp;&nbsp;&&nbsp;&nbsp;G O O D&nbsp;&nbsp;W O R K S</span>',1500,
'<span class="wipe1">G R O U N D E D&nbsp;&nbsp;I N&nbsp;&nbsp;G O D'S&nbsp;&nbsp;S&nbsp;&nbsp;W O R D&nbsp;&nbsp;&&nbsp;&nbsp;L O V E</span>',1500,
'<span class="wipe1">A B O U N D I N G&nbsp;&nbsp;I N&nbsp;&nbsp;T H A N K S G I V I N G&nbsp;&nbsp;&&nbsp;&nbsp;P R A Y E R</span>',1500,
'<span class="wipe3"><center>A B C D E &nbsp;&nbsp;.&nbsp;&nbsp;T h e&nbsp;&nbsp;A N T I O C H&nbsp;&nbsp;C h u r c h&nbsp;&nbsp;V i s i o n</span><br><span class="wipe1">S T R E N G T H E N&nbsp;&nbsp;O U R&nbsp;&nbsp;S T A K E S&nbsp;&nbsp;FOR&nbsp;&nbsp;G R O W T H&nbsp;&nbsp;2 0 0 8</center></span>',2500

//var wipe_final=new Array('Click here',2500);

//var wipe_final=new Array('Click here',2500);

var wipe_in_delay=1000; // delay before each wipe in
var wipe_out_delay=1200; // delay before each wipe out
// wipe out speed (wipe-in time is divided by this number)
var wipe_out_dv=2.5; // 2 to 4 recommended
var dest_delay=0; // delay before going to destination url

// destination url, where to go at end of wipes
function setDest() {
window.location = "http://www.abc.com.my/home";
// end customization area

08-21-2008, 06:53 AM
Escape it by using a backslash:

G O D\'S

For further reading:

08-21-2008, 07:05 AM
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