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08-11-2008, 10:26 PM
Thank you for the tutorial on Dynamic Ajax Content (http://dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex17/ajaxcontent.htm), it really helped me out, because I could not wrap my head around PHP. I just have one question, difficulty:

This is my website (http://www.strongmanstudios.com), (btw I have uploaded the Ajax code yet) As you can see (besides the header and footer) it has a right, middle, and left column. My first question is, with Dynamic Ajax Content, can I have a page load in the center column on page load, then dynamically switch whenever someone clicks a link that loads another page in the center column? Also, can two separate Dynamic Ajax Content be loaded into to two separate columns? For example, when you click "Films" then new content gets loaded into both the left and center column, and when you click "Short Stories" completely new content gets loaded in the left and center column?

I tried to be descriptive as possible but I'm brain dead with this stuff. Thanks !