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08-08-2008, 12:54 PM
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Featured content Glider
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3) Describe problem: now i dont know much at all about this stuff ..am trying to learn it ..and am not doing bad but ..this kinda stuff i could use a lil help ...
OCCASSIONALLY ...not always .. if you were to look at my site you will see as its doing it now .. all the glider pages are on 1 page ... instead of scrolling ...it baffles me cause it doesnt always do it so it makes me nervous as this is my football league and i have 13 other owners who rely on the site running smoothly .. also you should see in the matchup pages i used iframe to show pages of actual scores ..is there a way to show the whole page without the scrollers ..as in make it fit within the 800 wide box ..that 800 box has to stay ..heres my site ...please help?