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08-07-2008, 11:01 PM
1) Script Title: Ultimate Fade-In Slideshow (v1.51)

2) Script URL (on DD): http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14/fadeinslideshow.htm

3) Describe problem: I would like to have the slideshow be able to start and loop through images as it currently does. I am trying to create a slideshow similar to the old AOL hompage that had "1", "2", "3", "4" as links underneath the scrolling images. And if the user wanted to click on the #3 it would automatically jump to the third image.

I currently have this partially working with the numbers scrolling with the images. I created a new function which I am including below which does a couple of things. The slideshow stops when the totalCount gets to 40. So, this function is called when the user clicks onto a number link,

<a href="javascript:fadearray[3].changeImage(3)" onClick="fadearray[0].changeImage(3);change_logos(3);" style="color: #333333;">3</a>

totalCount = 40
this.nextimageindex = newSlide
this.curimageindex = newSlide
this.populateslide(this.tempobj, this.nextimageindex)
totalCount = 40

So, what I would like is to have the user click onto the number #3 it would stop the slideshow, and jump to the slide number that has been clicked. When the user then wants to jump to a second slide, they can click on #7 and it will jump to #7 slide. Is this possible? I have opted to stop the slideshow after 40 displays to limit it from running forever. Is it possible to restart the show after it has been stopped with a return() statement?

I have looked at the swissarmy slideshow and it does not exactly fit this format. But maybe this is the closest way to get it done.

Thanks in advance for your help.


08-08-2008, 03:15 AM
This script already has a jump to function and can (via its robust configuration options) otherwise be made to look and work exactly like Ultimate Fade:


I even did a mod to make individual buttons, I believe very much like you are describing. For details on and a demo of that, see this thread: