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08-03-2008, 07:24 PM
I got several PHP pages that need a season ID.

The BASIC page checks te season VALUE by this

// is there a POST or GET ?
// if so put it in the needed VAR
$Season_ID = $_REQUEST['id'];
//if not
// is there a session containing the VAR season_ID ?
// if so read put it is Season_ID' .
$Season_ID = $_SESSION['Season_ID'];
//if no session to

// ... tha we must us de default value for season_ID.

I use the dymanic script to load the NEXT and the PREVIOUS season, this works fine.

But wat if the visitor wants to jump to a 10 or 20 year back, Then the PREVIOUS option is not good.

So I want offer a pulldown menu


<select id=\"ajaxmenu\" size=\"1\">
<option value=''>Season?</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=104'>2008-2009</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=103'>2007-2008</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=102'>2006-2007</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=101'>2005-2006</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=100'>2004-2005</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=99'>2003-2004</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=98'>2002-2003</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=97'>2001-2002</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=96'>2000-2001</option>
<option value='external/games.php?id=95'>1999-2000</option>
<input type=\"button\" onClick=\"ajaxcombo('ajaxmenu', 'contentarea')\" value=\"oke\" />

I can't get it working

the recieving page is called games.php and the DIV <CONTENT>

and is this the ONLY
<script type="text/javascript">
/***Combo Menu Load Ajax snippet**/
function ajaxcombo(selectobjID, loadarea){
var selectobj=document.getElementById? document.getElementById(selectobjID) : ""
if (selectobj!="" && selectobj.options[selectobj.selectedIndex].value!="")
ajaxpage(selectobj.options[selectobj.selectedIndex].value, loadarea)

08-05-2008, 05:43 PM
can anybody somebody please please please helpme?

08-05-2008, 06:04 PM
Where is your DIV with the "content" id?