View Full Version : Can we add tooltip to the Dropdown elements in IE6.

07-22-2008, 10:29 AM
Dear All,

My Requirement/Qts is wether we can display tooltip of Select option value when i focus on that particual value on IE6?.

I have used title attribute but it is properly working on Mozilla not on IE6.

is there any work around to implement this on IE6?..... your help would highly appreciated


07-22-2008, 11:15 AM
When I first saw this, I didn't believe it. Then I tested it, and of course you are right. Then I thought, well surely we could use a tool-tip script, but no. Apparently there is no onmouseover event of any kind on a select option in IE 6.

Title will work in IE 7, but there is still no onmouseover event for a select option.

Oddly, in the specification for the option element, the title attribute is supported, as is the label attribute. FF and IE 7 get the title right, which IE 6 does not. IE 7 gets the label attribute right, while neither IE 6 nor FF do.

The specification also calls for an onmouseover attribute for the option element. Of the three browsers I've mentioned, only FF does this.

In short, the answer appears to be no.