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07-08-2008, 10:21 AM
Hi! Oops ...

<IFRAME> ticker

... :) First really thanks for the script ! Then:

1. My main question is: IF javascript is disabled on a machine, is there a way to get an alternative text message to display instead of just the blank iFrame? Presumably it would have to be something put in the "javascript" ??

2. Secondly, is there any way to get the ticker to "remember" where the user was in the list the last time they visited that page? At the moment, if they flip from page to page on my site, each time they come back the ticker starts at the beginning again. As it's very unlikely they will stay all the way through, most people with never see more than a couple of items :( The page with your ticker is at www.consultancy.phoenixchange.com

Then a couple of "trivial" things:

3. I had a problem with the first iteration of the scroller trying to show, for a fraction of a second, all of the elements at once. It would then (and still does) happily continue to show one element at a time. I got around it by simply shoving a whole load of page breaks in the first item and that pushed all the others out of view! Is there a more "elegant" solution? I think maybe the problem is because a link in each item calls a popup window ... ?

3. Last, a tiny thing: what's my Activation ID for? I didn't have to use it (FF3 XP pro).

Sincere apologies if I have posted a separate ticket for each question/ob. :( It felt like it would be sort of hogging space here ...

Anyway, thanks in advance, and thanks again for the code :)


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07-08-2008, 01:15 PM
Thanks for that. I am sorry to be sooo dumb but where do I insert the code? :s I assume it is in the "javascript" / html file which the iFrame calls ... but can it go anywhere in it or must it go before the ticker script or after but before the body tag command or after the body tag ....

thanks again