View Full Version : can i link to external page and load specific src to iframe on that page?

06-29-2008, 04:33 AM
I have a News/Journal page on a music promo site. to make updating easier i'm using an iframe instead of coding a whole page each time theres a new entry. I understand how to target links to change the entry shown in the iframe from within the main News.html page.

but i want a clip/summary on other pages that will have a link to this News page and bring up that specific News Entry in the iframe.

like if i put two links here to my news page...

could i make one go to news.html and load src=day1.html into the iframe target=news
and another link go to news.html and load src=day2.html into the iframe target=news

I think that was the simplest way to explain my goal here. Can i do this?
or should i just make a whole page for each entry? just seems like less clutter to use an iframe.