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06-28-2008, 10:25 AM
CMotion Image Gallery



I want to make a few changes to the script above please could someone help me.

1, i do not want it to move on rollover i want a left arrow image to the left and a right arrow image to the right. When clicked on these arrows a new set of images would slide over.

2, When a image is clicked on i need a javascript pop up box with a larger image and a description right of the image.

Please can someone help me

Thank you

06-29-2008, 06:19 PM
That's, as you might imagine, a pretty tall order. In fact, generally beyond the scope of these forums. I liked the idea though, but not your choice of script as a departure. It made me think of DD's Content Glider:


But what you want to happen when the images are clicked, that didn't make me think of any script in particular. However, I'd been playing around with an older version of DD's Thumbnail Image Viewer (I won't link to that, because the code and effect is now completely different in the official version).

Anyways, I came up with this: