View Full Version : QuickTime and the EMBED Tag

06-26-2008, 03:57 PM
I have a Site with a Music Section which weighs in at 32 GB. It's all Classical though. That's because I'm as old as the hills, and gave my personal approval to Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc, to write their music. Just thought you should know.

The MP3 audios are no problem, because I use the FLASH driven xspf system, so they play just fine, FLASH being one of those oddities on the 'Net that actually works 100% of the time. My videos used to be all MPG's, but due to the size thereof, I converted them all to FLV, and they too play perfectly, being FLASH, just like the ones on YouTube.

However, due to the size of many of these files, such as Act 1 of Swan Lake weighing in at 67 MB, even as an FLV, and due also to the fact that the audios can be put in the xspf system as many as you want at a time, I give my visiters the opportunity to pre-buffer the files, so they won't do the annoying stop-start-stop-start trick. And here lieth the problem. The following code used to work, but does pull up the QT thing:

<embed src="whatever.mp3" autoplay="false" width="300" height="15"

That used to show control bar(s), and the visiter could watch the progress of the buffering. But no more. All you get now is the QT "Plugin not installed" nonsense. But when this started happening, I had changed NOTHING in my Music Pages, or in the System itself. It was just out of a clear blue sky.

I have since loaded ans reloaded QT several times, and just to make "sure" even done the old FORMAT C: and reinstall everything twice! No go!

Anybody else have the same problem, or a solution? I'm totally out to lunch on this one! I'm even thinking of going back to 98SE to see if the same thing happens there. (It was better than XP anyway! More reliable.) ;)