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06-21-2008, 10:16 AM
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Top Urgent Help Requires for Animated Collapsible DIV v2.01

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The problem is, as you can see on this page that when you click on the arrow button, the upload and download panels get hid and shown. But it does not show any sliding effect along with the other panel does not come up when we collapse one panel. e.g, if we hides the download panel. upload panel must come up and fill the space of download panel. Also Its height must become larger to fill and cover the complete design body and the same with the other (vice versa).

Looking forward for your help.
(Scroll must also work along with it.)

06-22-2008, 02:44 AM
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There may be other issues, but from what I can tell, the problem is due to the structure of your contents. For example, you're toggling the DIV <div id="divDownLoadPane">, which in turn is contained inside <div id="DownloadMBg"> that has an explicit height of 239px. So while the script is contracting the first DIV, the outside DIV with its explicit height prevents the interface itself from expanding/ contracting. Try either removing that explicit height of the 2nd main DIV, or rework your interface with the above in mind.

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