View Full Version : frame cutting off my dropdown menu

06-17-2005, 07:48 PM
Hey, I have a framed setup like this:

| DropDown |
page is

which we'll call top.html and bottom.html for this example.

Well when the dropdown extends down, it gets cut off at bottom.html. I understand the dropdown continues if I were looking at top.html in itself, just that it is not showing in this frameset. The menu is part of a content management system, so I cannot merely switch to a menu that has this included...I am also interested in learning.

I was wondering if anyone could please point me in the right direction and help me figure out the logic to solve this problem and/or any examples. I tried putting the menu on a layer in top.html but then realized that wasn't going to work.



06-18-2005, 01:13 PM
I think u didn't try the HVMenu of Dynamic Drive. First time I also face same prblem. You can try this scrip.

add the below code inside the <BODY> tag itself of Bottom Frame, as follows:

<head>your header html</head>
<body onload="javascript:{if(parent.frames[0]&&parent.frames['TopFrame'].Go)parent.frames['TopFrame'].Go()}">


where TopFrame is the name of your Top.html and BottomFrame is the name of your Bottom.html in the frameset Tag.

06-18-2005, 04:45 PM

Thank you very much for your response. The reason I can't use another menu is because this one is very-much built into the content management system.

I tried the if statement you gave in my code but it didn't fix the problem. I really appreciate the help. If you or others have any other suggestions, feel free.